ANMF NT Branch Executive & Council

The ANMF NT Branch is governed by NT Branch Executive/Council. The Branch Executive & Councillors are elected by members from across the NT, once every 2 years.

They are elected in accordance with the ANMF Federal Rules and are conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). Their term is 2 years.

From the 20th February 2023, the new Branch Executive / Council positions commenced and will continue until 29th November 2024.


Branch President  Trevor Bason 
Branch Vice President  Ruth Preuss 
Branch Secretary  Catherine Hatcher

Executive Members (4)



Naomi Grimshaw

Emil Tabbada

Carol Tillotson

Jodi Knoop

Branch Councillors (5)



Sebastien Foucaud

Lyall Furphy

Rebecca (Beck) Lamont

Kirsten Thompson

(1) vacant position