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27 March 2020 - sign today

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A number of nurses and midwives around Australia have been verbally abused for wearing a uniform to shops. The public won't be aware if this is to or from work.
As health professionals we need to be mindful of the public in this pandemic and the anxiety levels which are high. So to alleviate this, workplaces interstate are recommending health workers in uniform NOT to wear this in public.
Talking to Jenny O'Shaughnessy Director Of Nursing of Royal Darwin Hospital yesterday, she agreed and has put this directive out to all the managers to talk to all staff.
If on your way home from work, change your clothes prior to going to public places such as Coles. Or go home, shower, change clothes then go to public places.
Those health workers on their way to work morning, afternoon or evening, wear another shirt to the public places and change into your work shirt at work.
This practice until about 15 years ago was the norm. In the last 15 years we have let this practice slide. We need to be mindful of our public as health workers.
The world is under pressure the public are anxious or even panicking. So as health workers if we can do this one small practice to alleviate some anxiety, we have a small win.

Stay safe
Cath Hatcher


ANMF National Website information for all


The National Department of Health have released a 30 minute infection control module labelled “for all health care workers” 


Local Covid19 Hotline number 1800 008 002 or local Darwin 8922 8044 Email: mailto:covid19.enquiries@nt.gov.au