NTPS Nurses & Midwives 2018-2022 EA Ballot results

The Electronic ballot conducted by the NT Electrol Commission, on behalf of the employer, the OCPE, to determine the outcome of the NTPS Nurses and Midwives 2018-2022 Enterprise Ageement, closed on the 5th November 2018 at 1000 hours.  Of those 3251 employees eligible to vote 550 accepted to offer and 114 voted against the offer.  The agreement is therfore accepted by the employees, (Nurses and Midwives). 

The next step will be for the employer, (OCPE), to forward the signed agreement and relevant forms, (F16 & F17), to the Fair Work Commission, (FWC),  for a decision.  The ANMF NT will also be required to lodge specific forms (F18), with the FWC.  The decision by the FWC to accept the agreement may take a number of weeks.  ANMF NT will advise members when the FWC has made a decision on the agreement.

Thank you 

Yvonne Falckh

Branch Secretary, ANMF NT