Free - Continuing Professional Education for ANMFNT Financial Members!

Professional Development 

The ANMF NT Branch have partnered with the Federal Office Education Team to bring the CPE website and its 65 courses free to you, our members, as part of your member benefits. 

You will be able to access all courses free via either our NT Branch website or the Federal CPE website. To generate the free offer you will need to ensure your membership is financial and your member details including member number are added to your account on the CPE website.

The CPE website also offers a learning plan, a portfolio and certificates of attainment. All courses are current and regularly reviewed. New courses are added regularly.

ANMF Education - CPE Website Account

If you have never had a CPE account, please go to and click register to create your account.

If you have used the CPE before please log into your account.

For assistance with your username please email: 

When you click on register, this will open the registration page. You will need to complete all fields (with exception to Corporate Number).

Your username can be anything you can remember, we suggest using your email address or name.

As an ANMF member, be sure to select Northern Territory as your ANMF Branch and then enter your member number in the Northern Territory Member ID field.


The ANMF takes pride in the quality of their courses and remains committed to offering nurses, midwives and carers the latest and most up to date information for continued professional development.


Best Wishes

Yvonne Falckh

Branch Secretary