NT WorkSafe - Worker representation by Health and Safety Health Representative

The important one difference between a Hospital Safety Representative (HSR) completing the in-house (hospital) education training and completing the NT WorkSafe education training is the hospital person who undertakes the NT WorkSafe training (a cost to the DoH) can issue a Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN).

Both trainings have exactly the same topics of point - but the TEHS in-house training, the WH&S Reps cannot PIN.

  • the HSR with regards to a PIN, can stop a worker, conducting their work if they feel it is unsafe. Prior to administrating this PIN, the Rep must consult with the PCBU (person conducting a business or undertaking i.e. the Department of Health)
  • however if the risk is so serious and immediate that is it not reasonable to consult with the PCBU before giving the direction and attempting to resolve the issue through consultation. 
  • the HSR must not issue a PIN unless they have consulted with the person to whom it is issued.
  • It is important to not that under the Act the mechanisms to create HSR's are through an election process and to date few work areas across TEHS have engaged in this process.
  • any work area or individual to establish a HSR under the Act can seek further information from the WHS Team, their Union or NT WorkSafe

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