The delivery of health care in remote Australia is a
challenging and immensely rewarding undertaking. The
Remote Health Practice program assists nurses, allied
health, medical and community service practitioners to
develop the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver the
best possible care in remote Australia.
Whether you are new to remote and Indigenous health or
an experienced practitioner, the Remote Health Practice
program will provide you with a greater understanding of the
challenges of service delivery in in this unique context and
equip you with enhanced capabilities to work in resource
poor environments.
The multi-disciplinary Remote Health Practice program has
been developed in collaboration with industry stakeholders
and is responsive to community needs.
"Absolutely loved it and would highly recommend,
particularly for staff wanting to work remotely."
Are you ready for the challenge?
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Specialty areas include:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
Primary Health Care
Remote Area Nursing
Remote Allied Health Practice
Ageing and Disability in a remote context
Remote Health Management

Please visit our website for further information on our programs and if you have any questions contact me.