RIP Vale Frank Pearson

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart for the ANMF NT to notify you of the passing of Registered Mental Health Nurse ‘Frank Pearson’, in Balaklava, SA, on Friday 8th Jan 2021.

Frank was a proud Mental Health Nurse & Educator. He had a passion for education and continuing professional development. His academic achievements and accolades were many.

Frank was a very active ANMF NT member. He was nominated by his work colleagues as their ANMF NT Job Delegate, a position he held until his retirement. He was generous with his time, always willing to share his  knowledge and skills and was a great contributor, he always said “it was all for the greater good”. 

He was elected to ANMF NT Branch Executive as Vice President, a position he held uncontested for 13 years (2001 – 2014) … until his retirement from nursing in 2014. I can still hear his in the Council meetings stating “point of order Madam Chair” or “Madam Chair, I move the motion be put”   he was such a stickler for formalities and process.

During his Vice Presidency Frank represented ANMF NT at National Delegate Conferences, sat on numerous committee, attending working parties, rallies and was involved in NTPS N&M EBA’s.  He participated in the May Day Marches (carrying the ANMF NT Banner) every year until he retired and moved to Adelaide for health reasons and to be closer to his family.

Frank was presented with ANMF NT Life Membership in appreciation of his service to the Branch.

Frank was a larger than life find of guy. One memory of Frank comes to mind ….Him in a RDH review, he strutted out on stage in a long midnight blue with sequins, a split up to the thigh, impersonation Shirley Bassey (he was introduced to the audience as Shirley Bossey) and he sang her song ‘Big Spender’, he was hilarious (and very good), he stole the show.

He was a great friend, supportive, dependable and loyal and he had a wonderful sense of humour.

His funeral was conducted on Wednesday 27th January 2021

Vale “Frank Pearson’ (Mr. Vice President)  RIP