Frequently Asked Questions


Who can join?

Any Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife, Registered Enrolled Nurse, Registered Assistants in Nursing / PCA with Cert III.

How do I join?

You can apply online by entering your details or download and fill an application form and send it via email.

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Am I covered Nationwide?

No. Whilst the ANMF is a nationwide organisation, each state and territory are autonomous. If you will be moving interstate, even for a short time, you need to contact the branch where your membership is held, to discuss your options and/or transfer your membership. We have an agreement with Federal ANMF states & territories with across borders. So if you work in more than one state/territory at a time, then you will be a member registered in your home state. If you need our help whilst working in the NT and your home state is NSW we will help you. This is cross borders, to register - talk to your home state/territory.

What happens to my membership if I move?

If you are moving to another state to work, you will need to transfer your membership,  provided your membership is current (you are financial).  Any fees paid in advance will be transferred to the other state/territory when you transfer. Please contact the branch where you are financial to organise the transfer of your membership.

How long does it take for my application to be processed?

Generally your application will be processed in a 24 - 48 hour work day period. However if there is any information missing or incorrect on the form then it will depend on how quickly we can contact you to get the required information to complete the process. 



Am I covered for Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Yes, up to $10 million each and every claim. With an aggregate of up to $70 million.

Can I claim my fees in my tax?

Yes. All fees paid are fully tax deductible. 

What do I need to do when I wish to resign?

You need to notify the branch in writing of your intention to resign giving 2 weeks notice. You can either email or post a letter of resignation.

How do I become more active in the Union?

Become an ANMF Job Delegate for  your  worksite.  ANMF NT will provide you with resources and free training.  An application form is available in the members  area of this website.

Where do I go to find out what I should be paid?

This website has agreements that have been approved by the Fair Work Commission. Click on your relevant agreement and view the page which discusses your workplace wages. 

I come from a state where nurses work to ratios as a workload tool.  What are the ratios in the NT?

The NT does not have ratios as a workload tool.  Nursing Hours per Patient Day are used in all Public Hospitals. ANMF NT are working towards ratios or a better way to reduce patient to staff numbers.

I am not a member, but I have an issue.

The ANMF NT provides support and assistance to financial members.  If you are not a member and require advice, as per the branch policy, you may join, but you will be required to pay the annual fee. The service you are entitled to in these circumstances, is limited telephone advice. 

My employer has handed me a contract. What do I do?

If you are a financial member, contact the ANMF NT and an organiser will review your contract before you sign it with your employer.

The police have requested that I complete a witness statement, what do I do?

If you are an ANMF NT financial member, contact the branch for advice.  Do not make any statements (other than simple incident reports) until you have contacted the ANMF NT.  ANMF NT will provide an organiser to assist you.

I have been summons to appear before the Coroner, what do I do?                   I have received a notification from AHPRA?

If you are an ANMF NT financial member, contact the branch for advice.  ANMF NT will provide an organiser to assist you.

My manager has request I attend a meeting with her/him.  

If you are a financial member, seek advice from the ANMF NT branch. We can come to the meeting with you as support and advice.